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Maq-Euro offers a whole array of possibilities, you just have to pick the right one for you.

We offer 3 options when selling a machine:

Totally rebuilt - with this option we hand over the machine with tolerances as if it were a new machine. This way we offer a 1 year guarantee with the machine. Another possibility is for us to retrofit the machine to update the CNC control.

Run and Checked - with this option we offer a guarantee of 3 months with the machine and the machine is despatched in optimum condition to start working straight away.

AS IS - many clients prefer a discount and take the machine as is. Some even prefer to carry out the work themselves (in most cases nothing even needs to be done to the machine). The majority of the machines we sell are from companies we have bought out and are usually in good condition.

Regardless of which option you choose, we offer to our clients at cost price, installation and commissioning of machines as we have a specialised team for all aspects of electronics, CNC, mechanical, pneumatics and hydraulics.


We are specialised in dismantling, moving and installing machinery whether it be one machine or a complete factory.

We can offer to move machines within your company or to another site attending to your needs of production and timetables.

We have a qualified group of specialist technicians for this type of work.

We have all the necessary kit and tooling to carry out the job, everything including cranes, trailers, low loaders etc.

We supply all the necessary lifting equipment (fork lift trucks, cranes, skates etc.) to carry out the work.

We can transport both nationally and internationally with the appropiate vehicles whether you need trailers, step-frames, low loaders or special transport.

We can carry out all the necessary steps from the powering down of the machine, cleaning, extraction of oils, coolants, preparing of the machine for loading, the loading, transport, unloading, levelling and installation depending on what each client requires.

We have our own full insurance policy for transport and civil responsibility.

We have ample experience of working and offering turn-key solutions throughout Spain, the whole of Europe, Africa and Asia.  



The personnel in Maq-Euro have been selling machinery for over 20 years. With this experience, this makes us one of the most important Machine Tool dealers in Spain and on an international level many companies trust MAQ-EURO to supply their machines and in many cases supply them as a turnkey project.

MAQ-EURO sells machines to a wide scope of clients, from very small companies right up to multinationals manufacturing wind farm equipment for example

We are well know for working transparently, openly and sincerely which results in our clients being very satisfied.

We sell machines in a different way to everyone else which makes us stand our from the rest, this is reflected in both our company structure and our prices.

Put us to the test, you will trust us in the future.

Start up

We offer several delivery options to suit your needs

Disassembly and transfer

We are specialized in dismantling, moving and assembling machinery, both for a single machine and for complete factories.


Maq-Euro is made up of a team with a great and extensive experience in the world of buying and selling industrial machinery