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About us

Maq-Euro is a Spanish company associated with one of the largest machine tool dealers in Europe. Many of the machines can be seen in our warehouses in Zaragoza and the others can be inspected in our warehouses in England. We have a complete technical service team specialised in all fields concerning machinery.

We are dedicated to buying and selling machinery in many countries all over the world. We also have great relations with South America, Asia, Africa, USA etc and we are constantly sending our clients containers.

We also buy machinery with prompt payment being our speciality, whether it be from a small lathe to complete factories we are interested. If you have any surplus machinery especially late equipment don't hesitate to contact us.

We are a young and dynamic company and at the same time we have been dedicated to selling machinery for many years, and our associate company has been doing the same now for 61 years.

Our objective is always the satisfaction of the client.

Start up

We offer several delivery options to suit your needs

Disassembly and transfer

We are specialized in dismantling, moving and assembling machinery, both for a single machine and for complete factories.


Maq-Euro is made up of a team with a great and extensive experience in the world of buying and selling industrial machinery